Monday, November 9, 2015

6 Greetings around the world

Greetings can be fascinating, fun and a wonderful way of arousing curiosity on other cultures . 
Sandie Morão called my attention to this topic, and here I am sharing it :)
Here are some examples of how people greet each other around the world, but there are many more... If you are interested in finding out just check the link I'm leaving at the end of this post:







  1.  press foreheads and noses together, with eyes closed. This is called hongi. - New Zealand
  2. merge hands in what is colloquially known as a "handshake". - USA
  3. stick your tongue out just a bit. - Tibet
  4. press the hands together, hold them in prayer fashion, and slightly bow to your acquaintance. This is called the wai. - Thailand
  5. warriors form 
  6. a circle and compete to see who can jump the highest - Kenya
  7. kiss cheeks - France

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