Sunday, September 20, 2015

Action Cards (Part 1)

Last month, I wrote about laminating flashcards. By that time, I was doing some experiments with these new cards. They are action cards (18 in part 1) which I used to help my students notice how many different activities they were doing in  class. Because I wanted the cards to be as flexible as possible, I added two sentences at the bottom of each one; one in the present continuous and one in the simple past, this way, I can use the same cards with older students for different purposes.

Here's an example:
In Part 1 you'll find flashcards for the following activities:
  • Read / Copy
  • Sing / Count
  • Win / Listen to a story
  • Play / Send a letter
  • Play games / Watch a puppet show
  • Do experiments / Drink water
  • Observe the stars / Investigate
  • Colour / Do arts and crafts
  • Dance / Draw

Some of the activities might sound a bit strange, I chose them based on the activities I had planned for a summer course I taught.

I hope it's useful.

Part 2 will be posted ASAP!

Keep up the Teaching-Frenzy :)