Monday, February 23, 2015

Aliens Love Underpants - Story time

This story is great fun to introduce the topic "clothes".
I've used it while working on a project about the solar system.

Because it had this "imaginary" associated with aliens and it also had vocabulary about family and clothes, I thought it was a good option to take it to class.

Here's how I've made the plan to use it:


Before reading the story or showing the book cover the teacher should arouse students’ curiosity and lead them to the main topic by asking questions like:
“Do you like your t-shirt?”
“What are your favourite clothes?”
“What about aliens? Do they like t-shirts?” “Do they like jackets?”(…)

While Reading:

While reading the story the teacher should show the pictures, make complementary gestures and use different tones of voice to help the students understand the meaning.
The new vocabulary (about underpants) must be explored by getting the students to repeat the words or answer questions. 

Post Reading:

The activity of post-reading is a drawing of the different underpants that appeared in the story, labeling them with their correct names: (Knickers, bloomers and Long-johns) and associating them with the members of the family which were in the story as well.