Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reading Corner in 4 steps

It's very important to create a good reading environment for the class. And it is even more important to let the students take an active role in the creation of such environment. 

Here is a suggestion of something -really nice- I did with my students some years ago.

As for the process, here it goes:

1 - Select an inspirational image, project it onto a large fabric and let your students draw it on pencil.

2 - Prepare a space at your classroom which you won't need too much for the next month or so (remember, it's a large picture)

3 - Use fabric paint and let your students be creative :) I would usually let the "fast finishers" to go paint first.

4 - Hang their Master Piece at the reading corner. Get a nice carpet and some cute pillows to go along :)

Enjoy the "story times"!     


ps. This "curtain" was also hiding a - quite boring - archive. Let's say it as a beautiful 2 in 1 :)