Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Learn English Kids - British Council

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday I went to Lisbon to participate in the encounter "APPInep Sharing Good Practice" which was dedicated to English Teaching at Primary school and promoted by APPI (the Portuguese Association of English Teachers).  

One of the workshops I attended was held by Christina Phelps who is a British Council representative.

Christina talked about "How innovative online resources can support English Teachers".

There is an entire planet Jupiter of resources online nowadays, so the question is no longer where to get materials, but actually how to filter them and select the ones which serve us best and - if possible - as quickly as a thought.

British council has developed a set of 4 websites which try to answer this - no time to select - problem. 

  • And finally one for Kids: 


On this website it is possible to filter the contents easily either by age, type of content or skill we want to develop with our students.

It has many games, songs, videos, printable worksheets, stories and even lesson plans.

Have FUN exploring :)