Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Colours flashcards and PPT

The topic "Colours" is  absolutely a MUST in the English Language Classroom!

Here is a set of flashcards prepared to help teaching the names of colours.

On each flashcard there's a picture that can be used to explore a bit more than just the colours themselves.
It's getting more and more common to find 1st graders who already know all the names of the colours in English therefore, with these flashcards it's possible to go a little further and talk about "What's blue?", "What's pink?" or "What colour are the flowers?" ...

I'm uploading a PDF and a PPT version (with animations) each of them with 10 cards referring to these colours: red, yellow, blue, pink, green white, orange, purple, brown and grey

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For the PPT version click here:

For the PDF version click here:

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