Monday, September 30, 2013

Good news!!

Dear readers,

I'm proud to present to you the younger brother of Teaching-frenzy! It's called Teaching-Frenzy Primary and it was created specially for those who are teaching English at Primary Schools. (From 5/6 to 9/11 years old) ( Inglês no 1º ciclo)

For now it's basically a copy of  TF having only the posts that might be of interest to those teaching English at primary. I cleaned up some tags and made it all look more organized.
There's still a lot of work to do because I need to check if the links are working fine so please be patient. Meanwhile I'd appreciate if you would send me some feedback on what's not working.

For the future I intend to Keep Teaching-Frenzy "alive" as my "base blog" where I'll keep posting general messages about teaching or whatever projects I'll be working on.

I thought it would be better to have a separate place for Primary issues because right now, in Portugal, many teachers are struggling to find "an easy way" to switch from being secondary school teachers into primary teachers as it was - in many cases - imposed by the government.

Being a primary school teacher myself and having some years of experience / research in this area, it is also a pleasure for me to be able to help my colleagues getting into this wonderful world.

Teaching children might look like a nightmare for those who are used to working with young adults or teens, but as soon as some tricks are learned it becomes a "piece of cake".

For all this I invite you to follow the new TF and to give me suggestions to make it better.

I had some bad experiences with "chat boxes" in the past (mostly because of unwanted advertising) even so there is one on the new TF in order to make communication among teachers faster. Let's see how it goes.