Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter images collection

 At this time of the year, a few nice images are always welcome...
So here is a collection I've made in one of my "googeling" moments.

There are many more...

Wook no Teaching frenzy

A partir de hoje o Teaching-frenzy contempla uma janela direta para o WOOK, a livraria online que lhe permite comprar livros de forma rápida e segura.

WOOK - www.wook.pt

(From today on Teaching-frenzy has got a direct window to "Wook" the online bookshop which makes it possible to buy books quickly and safely.)

English test 5th grade - house / Teste de Inglês 5ºano

Here is one more English test. (Once again, it is adapted from the book "Way to Go 5" by Porto Editora)


  • House
  • Family
  • Have got
  • There is / there are
Note: The listening exercise can be easily done using google translator. Write the words (parts of the house) in a certain order and then press the microphone. This is a nice tool to use in class.

Monday, March 5, 2012

PowerPoint - My House

Here is my last creation. I don't want to seem arrogant but it is really GREAT!! hehehe
It is a PowerPoint presentation about the parts of the house and some furniture!
I hope it is useful. Don't forget to comment! It really makes me happy when I read what people think about my work.

Note: this is a message from the year 2008... I  discovered that I had accidentally turned it into draft, so now I'm republishing it.
(If somehow the  PPT doesn't open please try this new link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/40110390/TF%20downloads/house%20parts1.pptx )   in : 18/04/2013