Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Letter to Santa (layout)

TF is pleased to announce the beginning of  the Christmas season 2012 in the blog. Here is a "letter to santa -layout" to start with... more Christmas activities and worksheets are on the way. Stay tuned ;) 

Describe a Celebrity - Park Jae-Sang (Gangnam Style)

One WS about the Hit of the moment :)

Gangnam style rapper - Park Jae-Sang

Check the video bellow! - Kids love this song.

Describe a celebrity - Katy Perry

This is the worksheet number 4 of this series.
Please leave your comments:)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Describe a celebrity - Rihanna

One more writing activity on my: "describe a celebrity" series.

Describe a celebrity - Robert Pattinson

You can call it a "Twilight frenzy": here is the second worksheet on describing celebrities :)

Describe a celebrity - Kirsten Stewart

Hi! This is the first worksheet of a series I'm developing on writing physical descriptions.
I hope you like it :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Old House - Story project 2012

In the summer of 2011 I flew to Norwich to participate in the course "Literature in the Language classroom". (I might have mentioned it before...)

It was a very rewarding course and it later led to this project:

While teaching 5th graders I decided to put in practice some of the techniques I had learned in the course and so I developed a project based on the story "The Old House". It is a mystery story that comes with the student's book: "Way to go". Usually the so called extensive reading is left behind because the curriculum is extensive enough to get us busy for the entire year, but when we think about extensive reading as another way to teach the curricular topics, it comes handy.
The students read and explored the story in class with my help, and after that they actually built the house which was the central part of the story.

Was it also an arts project? Yes, of course it was! 

The funny thing is that in order to build the house right they had to understand the story well...

This led to some nice conversations among the students as they were arriving school with their wonderful projects. "The house was yellow, not green!" ; “ It had two floors, not one!” or " It is too beautiful, it should be ugly because it was an old house"... and this went on and on until the day the school's director and the teacher responsible for the library (where the exhibition was held) had to decide which house was the winner.

Yes, it was a contest! With prizes! 

It wasn't mandatory, maybe that's why kids were so engaged. They weren't working for grades; they were working for a prize.

I really recommend this kind of projects because they:

  • get students engaged in learning;
  • get parents working with their children at home;
  • allow kids who aren't that brilliant at languages to show their teacher that they are much better in arts;
  • allow interactions with other places at school rather than the classroom;
  • boost students' self esteem (by watching their work at the library's spotlight);
  • create a much better image of the English lessons and for that reason = MOTIVATION
  • ... 

The course where I learned techniques to work with literature in class took place at NILE (Norwich Institute for Language Education). It was integrated on a Comenius program supported by our national agency: PROALV

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winter Look

Hi everybody! 

Welcome to the winter look of Teaching Frenzy! I hope you like it :)
Please write me your suggestions. What would you like me to publish? 

Warm greetings,

Monday, September 24, 2012

How many mushrooms are there? Worksheet

This worsheet aims the teaching of structures such as: "How many" / "There is" / "There are".

For beginners, (first and second grades) the teacher can write the answer and ask the children only to count and by doing this they are practicing the numbers.

Most of TF's worsheets can be used in several levels of learning depending on how the teacher explores them.

Autumn Colouring Worksheet

And the best season of all is here! 

Enjoy this simple activity which may be used to practice the irregular plural of the word leaf.

It's Autumn!

Autumn starts next week. (September 22nd)
I've prepared this worksheet for my first graders. The purpose is for them to glue some real leaves where they find the words "leaf".
It's a simple task that will gather arts and crafts, Science and English.
I hope it's useful.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank You Brazil !

Dear Brazil,

Teaching-Frenzy is happy to announce that most of its visits are from Brazil!

For this reason, I would like to ask our dear Brazilian readers to leave a comment with suggestions of worksheets or other materials you'd like me to publish (or keep publishing). I'd also like to know how the English Curriculum is structured in your country. When do children start learning English? How many hours per week? Which topics are studied? ... Is anybody out there who wants to collaborate with TF?



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Your English tutor online / Explicações de Inglês online


Needing help with your homework? Guidence for your study or text review? Please send your requests to: teaching.frenzy@blogspot.com

Precisas de Explicações de Inglês? Ajuda com os trabalhos de casa ou correção dos teus textos? Envia um e-mail para: teaching.frenzy@gmail.com

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