Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Halloween gave me the creeps

I’m probably going to show some ignorance with this post, but then again, there you are, dear readers to correct me if I’m wrong.

This Halloween I didn’t go out so I basically don’t know what was going on outside while I was stretching myself in bed reading my book.

The day after was the creepy one.

I went out to do some shopping in the morning. The town was particularly quiet. Nothing you wouldn’t expect after a huge party night.

Walking in to the shop I saw an egg smashed on the pavement. Ok, somebody dropped it. Accidents happen. Then there was another one, then one more. A few steps ahead there was an entire box all smashed on the ground.

 Then I stopped and gave my brains a chance to wake up.

- Was this a Halloween trick?

The answer was obvious when I walked further and the image wouldn’t change.

Why was it creepy?

Let’s see, let’s analyze.

Were living / surviving during an economic crisis. People are getting desperate everywhere because they have no money to pay the bills. Unemployment is rising and poverty has knocked so many doors in the past months.

Some families with kids are living on one meal a day and I see the ground painted in eggs?

Yes, that’s what gave me the creeps.