Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Animals wordsearch - Quick activity

This is the first activity of set that I'm developing. They are especially designed to be quick and easy in order to work as holiday activities. The aim of these short worksheets / word games is that the students practice the vocabulary they learned during the year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

News - Chat box is back on TF

After many requests from my readers, I added the chatbox again. You can find it under the list of "sites I follow".
Some months ago I had some troubles with comments on my Cbox so I decided to delete it. This time I'm starting from zero. I'll never answer to disrespectful comments and they'll be deleted as soon as I get to read them. Please do use the Cbox in a civilized way. I believe you all understand.
Thank you,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Time - Happy holidays!

I'd like to wish all my dear Teachin-Frenzy readers a great Summer!!
It's finally holiday time for me here in Portugal. It was a nice year and I'm already looking forward to the next.
Well, if you are on the other side of the word (which is possible) I wish you a nice warm Winter time :)
All the best,

Test on: Family - 5th grade (with Miley Cyrus)

Here you go,
A test for the 5th grade about family words with The Simpsons and Miley Cyrus as the "Characters".
It's a five page test and the main targets are:
  • family words
  • in/on - prepositions of time
  • Possessive adjectives - my, your, his ...
The students really enjoyed the fact that the test contemplated Miley Cyrus. The week I gave this test was the same week of Miley's concert in Portugal so the impact was even bigger. I do advise you to try to add something about your students’ idols when preparing a test or worksheet. It somehow breaks a bit their anxiety towards the task.

Test on directions and public places 6th grade

Long time, no see...
Well, here I am again. This time I'm posting a test on directions. The pictures were taken from two worksheets that I found on ESLprintables, as well as the exercise on "possessive pronouns".
It is a 5 page test which aims are:
  • directions
  • public places
  • question words
  • possessive pronouns

ps. The first page is a listening exercise. I wrote a text myself and read it so that the sudents could find out where each public place was.