Thursday, March 11, 2010

Message from

Dear readers, I'd like to share with you a message I received from the amazing site

I hope some of you will be able to participate and, who knows, win!

Please let me know if you participated.

Here is the original message:

"The explore/Hatch Award will be presented to the filmmaker whose short film shows a group or individual hero striving for a better world through selfless acts. If you or anyone you know has created a film highlighting a cause that inspires others to make a difference, submissions are now open .The winner will receive a full expense paid trip to HATCHFest in Asheville, North Carolina (April 15th - 18th) where they will have the chance to meet with prominent mentors as well as receive a prize from the co-founder, Charles Annenberg Weingarten! Submissions are due on March 25th. We would love it if you could share this information with your readers, as we’d like to get as many submissions as possible. Please be aware that the due date is creeping up! View full contest guidelines and submissions info at the following link: "

Good luck!