Wednesday, February 24, 2010

English test - 5th grade (Teste de Inglês 5º ano)

Hi everybody, long time no see...
Here is one more English test. It was prepared according to the course book: English Train.
It's about jobs, time, numbers from 20 to 100 and the verb to be.
There's a dialogue similar to the one on the course book and there are some true or false questions.


  1. I'm missing a lot of Miss Rocha.

    Lara Martins

  2. I really want to send you a CONGRATULATIONS!!! message. I am a teacher of english in Santiago (Chile). Things have been difficult for us. The earthquake has made difficult to start the school year normally. I am lucky cause my school has no damages. Well since I visited your blog I have found such an amount of good resources to teach. You are very generous to share what you know with teachers all over the world. I felt like finding a treasure with your material. By the way I have many issues of the teachers magazine at home, how did you make the pictures into powerpoints?? I would like to do it too.Thanks a lot and keep up with your excellent work. Francisca Aretio (Andree English School)

  3. Dear Franaretio,
    Thank you so much for your nice comment and encouraging. I haven't been updating my blog that much these days because all the paper work at school is killing me, it does take a lot of my energy away. But every time I read a comment like yours I feel I should keep on going with this sharing activity.
    About the pictures from "teacher's magazine" I simply use a scanner to get the images at the computer then I work a bit on their colour and cut the edges so that they look nice and then just use them as any ordinary picture at PowerPoint.

    Thank you once again and be very welcome to "Teaching-frenzy!"

  4. your work is very important!!!!!!! hep me so much!
    thank you!
    a hug.


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