Tuesday, December 29, 2009

English test - daily routine - 6th grade

The last days of the first term were quite troubling for me. Suddenly I was surrounded by papers I’d never seen before and asked to do tasks I hardly knew how. Luckily it went out well. I did all the paper work and now I know how to deal with all that. Evaluations, reports… Well, by the time I would get home I’d be so tired that the last thing I wanted was to sit by the computer again…

I had some days to rest. I spent Christmas with my family (as I think it’s supposed to be) and now I’m back home again.

I came to the conclusion that I forgot to post my last 6th grade test. I’ll post it now.
It’s about daily routine, adverbs of frequency, prepositions of time and telling time.
I had very good results on this test. I was actually surprised because I thought it was a bit demanding. My students went really well in general.
Here it is: