Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn Poem

I've created this worksheet for my older students.

I'll work on the poem by adding gestures (miming) to what is being said. It will be an active listening activity. I'll associate certain words to gestures and when I read the poem, the students are expected to make the correct gestures as they listen to the words.

Confusing? Mmm maybe not. Just use your imagination. This can be a very activity for Kinesthetic learners.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New school year 2009-2010

It's time to put our summer holidays on a very sweet drawer of our memories and get back to the TEACHING-FRENZY!!

It's time to put all our troubles away and concentrate on what really matters for us teachers.

This year I'll be teaching 7 classes at primary school. I'm very curious to see all those faces and hear all that they have to say.
I'm happy with my schedule and also because I´ll be teaching at the same school. It's great when it's possible to continue the work we've done the previous year.

Right now I'm on the planning stage. Any good ideas for projects?
In England I've learnt many great techniques, I wonder when I'll be able to use them.

Well, I wish you all a great new year and... we'll keep in touch
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