Friday, May 8, 2009

Clothes - activity

Here is a new activity which I used with my students today:
First, there were a boy and a girl on the board.
Then, I told the kids that we should dress them according to the weather...
I put the clothes on the board and as I did so, I asked the kids: "What's this?.."
After we've been through all the clothes, I asked some kids - one by one - to come to the board and follow my instructions. For example:
"Put the red skirt on the girl".. they had to look for the red skirt and stick it on the girl...
With this activity I explored vocabulary about the clothes, about colours and about the weather.
It was very nice to see all the kids wanting to participate and to help the ones who were having some doubts.
Notes: The pictures (boys and clothes) were taken from "THE TEACHER'S MAGAZINE"
The frames I've used here were taken from the great blog: