Monday, March 16, 2009

Father's day - reflexion

I've written about a Father's day activity which I'd developed with the kids.

All along the day, I was thinking about those activities and I think I'm having a problem.

Here in Portugal we celebrate father's day, mother's day Christmas (and a long list of special ocasions) at school. the problem is, what do we do when we are asking the kids to colour a "best dad's certificate" when his/her father doesn't live with him/her or has passed not so long ago?

I'm teaching at the very south of Portugal. There are kids from everywhere in my school. Polish, Bulgarians, Angolans...Many of them come from broken families or have different religious beliefs...

My questions are: Should we protect these students and not celebrate these ocasions ever??

Should we celebrate anyway but have special attention on these lessons? Or should we simply go on like if all the kids have just the same life stories behind them?