Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Story 1 - The pharmacy ticket

Some months ago, there was a very nice episode during one of my classes that I would like to share.

I've always encoraged my students to bring to class anything that has to do with the english lessons. There's this particular class that has taken this activity very seriously and they have new things to show and talk about every lesson.

Some of them have brought all kinds of books; dictionaries, old english course books, picture dictionaries...other students have brought english coins, post cards, a small statue of liberty, games, teddy bears who sing songs in english.. Well you see, everything they can relate to the english lesson, they'll bring. When they can't find anything, they'll write their own papers with vocabulary they've learnt or they'll copy a song and they'll bring it.

One day, there was this kid that really made my lesson unforgetable. He wanted so bad to bring something to class..but he didn't have anything. So he brought me an old pharmacy ticket with a note in english writen on its back. He said to me: " I'm sorry for the paper teacher, but my mother didn't have anyother in the car to give me and I wanted to bring something to the lesson too".

That day I felt that I was really making english count to those kids. I still have the paperand I'll keep it as a memory. The kids are thinking about my lessons when they are at home and when they are on their way to school. Isn't this special?